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Make every minute count – Half Off
…and the What Happens Next version.

It took me forever to find this song, or anything else by Half Off. Then one night last year i was directed to this incredible site and i found the whole album, and a whole many more great things. It is hard to tell whose version i had in my head this morning, though it was probably What Happen Next’s. It was the first version i heard, and the only one i knew for eight years, the only way i knew how it sounded. I do probably like it more, stated with all caution to sacrilege, because it is faster and the gang vocals make it something special. It’s often like that for me, when you have a model of a song built up as concrete, and then to hear somewhere down the line its exact recording and it falling somewhere else than where you want it to; arrangement, structure, feel all different and all disappointing. Waiting for that point or somewhere/something special in your celebrated rendition, and it not coming, or not coming as you expect and crave it – bathos, absolute. For example, the LP version of Altered Images’ I could be happy.

What Happens Next did great covers, and did them for the best and (perhaps inadvertently) appropriate reasons: to pay homage to the bands that influenced them, local bands, and, from this listener’s point of view, to make aware my johnnycomelately self to those bands, bands not registering in the first or second tier of the hardcore canon. Upon research, Half Off seem like the best band for me: Obnoxious, outspoken, a decidedly un-hard image, fast, and with, for hardcore at least, the most unpostured, unaffected, awkwardly-worded lyrics of any hardcore band from back in that day. Or i just don’t know hardcore back in that day as well as i should.

“I promised not to waste any time. It’s now or never.”

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