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Up against the wall – Tom Robinson Band

I bought this record by accident at the record fair last Saturday, thinking it was a Tribe 8 record – the TRB standing for a scrunched up version of the bands name, the picture on the cover in line for what i thought a Tribe 8 record would look like. It was two dollars and i was in a hurry. I don’t have an internet phone so i can’t check discogs on everything i flip through as i’m flipping through them, angering those waiting behind me. I’m not a cool guy anymore. I’m one of those people who gets to these things too early, alone, grumpy, in increasingly out of fashion clothes, and buys records no one else seems to want. Such as…

Let’s barbeque – Adrenalin O.D.
Nice song in the key of “D” – Adrenalin O.D.
Attraction action reaction – The Aisler’s Set
Around the world in 80 days – Brighter
All ages show – Dag Nasty
Angel – Everything But The Girl
Hip hip – Hurrah!
Think – The Jasmine Minks
Where the traffic goes – The Jasmine Minks
What’s happening – The Jasmine Minks
the Khayembii Communique 7″
White mice – Mo-dettes
Last caress – Parasites
I wonder why – The Pastels
Father to a sister of thought – Pavement
Waiting – Pedestal
Sweet Kansas – Jon Pinnow
Expert – Prag Vec
Clawfist single – Snuff
Softball – Softball
Head gone astray – Soup Dragons
Bugs b/w Scrabble – Spare Snare
Something wicked – Tender Engines
Up against the wall – Tom Robinson Band
The Make-Up/Lung Leg split
Unwound/Versus split

Low fi – Stereolab
Wow and flutter – Stereolab

Missing The Moon – The Field Mice
Signals, calls, and marches – Mission Of Burma
Understand? – Naked Raygun
Refried ectoplasm – Stereolab
Trial – Verbal Assault

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