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MBLAQ stands for “Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality” which is one of the more afterthought, cramming it until it fits acronyms i’ve ever heard. I’m not sure what Y stands for. They were at the festival on Saturday as well. They’re boys, so incredibly i have their song in my head. Maybe my defenses are falling. Caught in that sea of screaming hunger and ardent amourous obsession, something was bound to rub off.

As with me only experiencing the boy side of Kpop through them filling in between the girl groups, my only other experience of boy groups are in relation to the girls’ appearances on variety shows, like when MBLAQ were guests on a few episodes of Invincible Youth.

They love their “secret cameras.” I think it’s a staple of Korean entertainment. Make a person feel as bad and as suffocatingly uncomfortable as possible, often to the point of tears, and then reveal after going too far that it was all just a joke – a secret camera – and everyone should laugh and be friends.

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