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Acrophobia – Penguin Villa

Some of you may recall (heh…) this from Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, the song playing at the end to Jen and Tong’s now split lives. I may remember it from there, because i’m writing an essay on the movie that like all essays is killing me. I wouldn’t mind if it didn’t mean so much to me – the film itself and that this may be my last film essay i ever write. I’d like to at least write something decent for once, be noticed for it, have my love and effort translated into some academic recognition. Just once. So advice: Don’t write about things that are important to you, or do if you somehow blessed with the ability to get the mess of ideas and words out of your head and onto paper. Don’t try to be something you’re not.

I should never have enrolled in university. It’s become a symbol of my lack of drive, imagination, direction, ability, ability to articulate myself, social competence, standing and self worth, all trusted to its bosom and then spat on with a crippling HECS debt and i’m predicting two useless degrees because no one told me the whole point of the university experience is networking (putting up with others’ shit) and portfolio building (adding to the world’s shit). Anyway, it’s due tomorrow so let’s do it, hand in some garbage and die. There’s another, less alternative rock version of this song out there but that wasn’t the one used in the film so it doesn’t resonate as much. It’s still good though. Maybe another day, if this song comes up again.

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Wo yao ni de ai – Grace Chang

Believe me when i say these are some of the most incredible scenes in all of cinema. The nothing yet everything they come from and carry through.

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Yan Zhi Hu

Yan zhi hu – Grace Chang

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Osaki ni shitsurei – Onyanko Club

Another movie song. Yes, the Onyanko Club had their own movie. As if they wouldn’t. You have the music, you have the TV show, you have the clothing line, the photobooks, the every piece of merchandise that anyone has ever found a way to print on – of course there’s going to be a movie. This song was written for and released with it.

But it is an odd thing. A key, assumed ingredient to it, one would think, would be for the members of the Onyanko Club to have starring roles. They are in it, but none of them have speaking parts and their inclusion is near entirely made up of documentary footage of rehearsals, radio and TV interviews, seaside frolicking and the second graduation concert at Yokohama Stadium. Instead, we get for a plot a marathon runner, a bootlegging ring, an assassination attempt, all bunch of nonsense that exists completely discrete to the girls.

It doesn’t make sense. Instead of their A Hard Day’s Night we were given a Can’t Buy Me Love, except one made not with nostalgia but contemporaneously and with complete input from Onyanko Corp. Were people happy with that? I wasn’t. It’s not like they couldn’t act or didn’t harbour desires to act. They were in all manner of dramas and commercials and always did fine jobs. Maybe it was an image thing – that they here would be playing themselves and not characters, and that had to be controlled. But they were nothing but their goofy selves every week on Yuyake Nyan Nyan! I don’t know. Most likely another, completely unrelated project had the Onyanko brand tacked on to it so it would sell. You can probably go on living very happily with yourself never making the effort to see it.

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Mismatched couples – Teresa Carpio

This is the theme to the Donnie Yen vehicle Mismatched Couples, which i watched last night. I don’t actually know it’s title but Hong Kong cinema convention says it as well is Mismatched Couples. It’s quite the movie. Directed by (and also co-starring) Yen Woo-ping, Donnie Yen’s martial arts expertise is funneled for the purposes of breakdancing, serving punks, winning hearts and living free, and the results are just as endlessly frenetic, exciting and playful as their other more genre-conventional action/martial arts collaborations. There is a scene where he plays tennis using the wheels of the BMX he is riding. Sold!

And this incredible song is on the soundtrack. Teresa Carpio had been in the business 10 years by this time, singing mostly ballads and Western cover songs in English, some of them appearing on other Hong Kong film soundtracks. Then 1985 happened, i guess hip hop had to hit the Hong Kong mainstream and she was given this song to do. And what a song. Who knew she could do this? The stabbing syllables of the Cantonese language work so perfectly in hip hop, and everything about it makes it seem there was no cooler place in the world in the mid-80’s than Hong Kong. Judging solely and misguidedly from their cinema, i tend to agree.

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Scarface (Push it to the limit) – Paul Engemann

Drug push it to the limit. If montage music did not already have a set style by the time this song came around, it sure found it. If i didn’t already know it from Scarface i would have sworn it was a parody. Push it to the limit? Open up the limit? There are enough yuppie boardroom or aerobics class pump-up motivational battle cries in this to make it seem like a pastiche of its time, but it is very, very real. And was actually written by Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte, so how’s that for pedigree?

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Beauty school dropout – Frankie Avalon

Watching and becoming aware of Grease at a young age, and keeping that awareness into maturity, a lot of the humour, gravity and touchstones in it go and remain completely over my head. Like just how hilarious it is for Frankie Avalon to appear in a heaven-set dream sequence, reproaching and insulting a 28 year old Didi Conn to wise up and go back to high school. All that it is calling on, all that has been put into it, all the things an eight year old can miss. And not just being too young, but being too much from the wrong generation to understand.

Sometimes i need my own personal Frankie Avalon guardian angel dream to call me out on all self-destructive things i’m prone to. He never shows up.

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There’s no business like show business – Frank, Buffalo Bill, Charlie Davenport, Annie with ensemble

Annie get your gun… and stick it in the face of my work’s marketing executives.

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Linda Linda

Linda Linda – Paranmaum

Last night we watched Linda Linda Linda, so how could i not have this song stuck in my head. It really is such a perfect movie, so sweet, so understated, and perfectly captures what it’s like to be in a band, especially in high school. How tuning takes up half the soundtrack, the what to do now silence that happens after playing through a song, the importance it takes on in your life, the nerves, being terrible, being ok, that wonderful, wonderful feeling making noise with your friends gives you.

This is a cover, as with everything the girls played, of a song by the Blue Hearts (Paranmaum being Blue Hearts translated into Korean). I guess maybe it is because i heard both versions at the same time and the original holds no significance for me, but this is the better version. And maybe it’s also because i spent two hours with these girls last night, seeing what this all meant for them, that i like it more. And, yeah, also because it fits an ideal more as to what i want in and from a band.

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The Rainbow Connection

The Rainbow Connection – Kermit the Frog

How many times can one person listen to the same song in a row? My girlfriend must have listened to this continuously for over an hour straight, waking me up with it, bookending my shower with it, dancing around the house with it. I think i’ve said this before, and i don’t know anybody else’s listening habits really, but i’ve never known anyone who listens to the same song, her finger ready on the back skip button as soon as it nears its end, as many times as she does.

I can’t bear it. I need Dom Deluise to paddle into the scene, or for it to go into Movin’ Right Along. But to begrudge her whatever joy and whatever she needs that she is finding in this song, that’s not something i could ever do.

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