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What Was Behind

What was behind – The Hated

I want to start a band whose sole influence is the Hated’s What Was Behind album. No other band, no other Hated record. Just this. Two guitars, improper vocals, and this drumbeat that doesn’t ever change. Applications as comments. I also want to start a band solely influenced by the first three songs on the Chinkees side of their Lawrence Arms split. Again, you know where to find me.

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Noise Annoys

Noise annoys – Buzzcocks

I would say that this is my least favourite Buzzcocks song, but that might be because i never listen to it and i’ve built this image and fear of it based on what unformed taste i had as a teenager. Let’s listen again. It’s ok, but it’s the same things that get it the way: How it stops and starts and the guitariness of it all. It’s not what i am looking for. I’ll skip past it forever more, or at least for as long as i no longer trust the judgement i have made at this age. Because i am feeling particularly lazy and the room my copy of Singles Going Steady is in seems too far away, this is the Peel session version.

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MY MY – A Pink

A Pink are another in that swarm of newly debuted K-Pop girl groups i can’t keep up with. Maybe the most popular and successful of them all, so the opportunity to get to know them is laid out accessible for me and it’s my fault for not. I’m finally getting around to it. Maybe i’m doing the smart thing in waiting around and seeing who remains and rises above the flood, and explore only those. But then what am i missing out on?

I like what i’m finding, this song in particular. It reminds me a lot of an updated early Baby V.O.X or Fin.K.L. A simpler time, though one staid in cute and girly and the power structures that determine the worth and effect of cute and girly. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Well… not that there’s everything wrong with that. It has an effect and purpose that is not solely to hold up patriarchy i.e. to negotiate within it. Maybe. It seems to be the typical way to introduce yourself to the world, though. Maybe a group can’t debut with any other image, at least not a group of median age 16. Not here. Not now.

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Notes on pulling the sky gown – Strike Anywhere

Like Love Rain, Strike Anywhere seem clunky and uncool in reaching for an absoluteness of expression. Strike Anywhere is the Love Rain of hardcore. But if a band is to be political, why can’t they be as bare-faced, simple and cliched as this? Why can’t their reach be as mainstream as this? There is power in banality. There is power in ingenuous conviction, because what else is there? Irony and detachment and nothing. This band came to me at a very crucial moment in my my life, and i still very much like them. Their show at Penrith Panthers remains one of my favourites.

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Love Rain

Love rain – Jang Geun Suk

I love rain, i love… you. I think if there is to be an absolute portrayal of pure love it should be as clunky and imperfect as this song and the show it’s from. Love Rain is the latest drama from the Winter Solstice and Autumn In My Heart people, and my first foray into this hallyu melodrama world. I thought i had better watch it, because of the people involved, and i’m enjoying it a lot more than others (non-Korean people who write things on the internet) it seems. The drama landscape has changed since ten years ago when melodramas with seasonal themes ruled. The drama watching community has changed as well. It’s all romantic comedies, supernatural and action shows now, and Love Rain is suffering both in ratings and acclaim.

I really like it though. It’s beautifully shot (filmed in Daegu, not Seoul. That’s a nice change), everything and everyone is pretty, the lead male character isn’t an arrogant, inconsiderate, wrist-grabbing jerk (though of course the lead female character is still there at a level not far above ornamentation and a site of projection. Hopefully that will change), is at a refreshingly languid pace yet things still move and happen, exists in a world, both past and present, that is very real, and holds a truth to love and believes in it.

Yes, it’s cliched, yes it’s mopey, yes it’s cringe inducing, and yes it appears as though it’s been put together as this surefire hit – i can tell that even not being that well-versed in Korean drama history – but it’s really working for me. I like the 1970’s parts more than the modern ones. I should probably go and watch those earlier dramas. Yet everyone says they’re terrible. I just don’t know who to believe.

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Up against the wall – Tom Robinson Band

I bought this record by accident at the record fair last Saturday, thinking it was a Tribe 8 record – the TRB standing for a scrunched up version of the bands name, the picture on the cover in line for what i thought a Tribe 8 record would look like. It was two dollars and i was in a hurry. I don’t have an internet phone so i can’t check discogs on everything i flip through as i’m flipping through them, angering those waiting behind me. I’m not a cool guy anymore. I’m one of those people who gets to these things too early, alone, grumpy, in increasingly out of fashion clothes, and buys records no one else seems to want. Such as…

Let’s barbeque – Adrenalin O.D.
Nice song in the key of “D” – Adrenalin O.D.
Attraction action reaction – The Aisler’s Set
Around the world in 80 days – Brighter
All ages show – Dag Nasty
Angel – Everything But The Girl
Hip hip – Hurrah!
Think – The Jasmine Minks
Where the traffic goes – The Jasmine Minks
What’s happening – The Jasmine Minks
the Khayembii Communique 7″
White mice – Mo-dettes
Last caress – Parasites
I wonder why – The Pastels
Father to a sister of thought – Pavement
Waiting – Pedestal
Sweet Kansas – Jon Pinnow
Expert – Prag Vec
Clawfist single – Snuff
Softball – Softball
Head gone astray – Soup Dragons
Bugs b/w Scrabble – Spare Snare
Something wicked – Tender Engines
Up against the wall – Tom Robinson Band
The Make-Up/Lung Leg split
Unwound/Versus split

Low fi – Stereolab
Wow and flutter – Stereolab

Missing The Moon – The Field Mice
Signals, calls, and marches – Mission Of Burma
Understand? – Naked Raygun
Refried ectoplasm – Stereolab
Trial – Verbal Assault

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NU ABO – f(x)

I read on some reputable K-Pop fansite not completely devoted to mundane fanservice that this is the only really great f(x) song. I think they may be right, and i say that in commisseration. f(x) are the perfect group – everything is where and as it should be. They should have better songs. The best songs. Here’s where i come in and…

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