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I Believe In Nothing

I believe in nothing – Vivian Girls

The more the Vivian Girls become yesterday’s news and sink away into some unhyped disregard the more i look back on them as being a truly great band. With my excitement stirred by nothing but the band and my listening to them, they were something truly magic. A punk band above everything else, a live band above everything else, a great band above all others they were once press agented aside. Watching those bands turn so quickly into something they never originally promised themselves as (and get more popular than ever) and then seeing that promise kept as the Vivian Girls continue on as a band, changing but remaining wonderfully, maybe stubbornly, maybe inescapably, the same.

But like near every band they were most perfect here at their beginning, and now that all the nonsense has cleared (though a nonsense that brought them to a lot people. Me, for one) i see that more and more. Everything that might once have seemed affected about them now can only have come from a guileless, precise, sincere accord to music and all it carries and the want to create one’s own. They are a great band – a timeless band who might need a little time to pass before people realise it. Dumb people who didn’t recognise it immediately. Dumb people like me.

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Tell The World

Tell the world – Vivian Girls

It’s the year’s end and that means the year end best of lists have been out for three months or so now. When it does appear, i’ve seen so often Everything Goes Wrong and the Vivian Girls labeled as Shoegaze. What is wrong with people? Where are they grasping music from? What narrow touchstones do people pass when coming across music, and how do they keep up such myopia? Shoegaze, this is not. And the breadth of things it is, the annals and lineage of music it follows and contributes to, goes neglected. And don’t think the “girls who can actually rock” precept, or they being female and the tokenisation thereof, hasn’t gone by unmentioned. In this end of year! Ugh, people. Music fans.

And this song isn’t even on Everything Goes Wrong. And i don’t even have a physical copy of it! When this song is played live and they draw out that middle section to a frenzied, possessed, compulsive length, becoming something like a mantra, an incantation cast over the whole audience, i become a shitty rock critic spouting embarrassing metaphors. No, but it does reach that trance-like state, and i’d have to be ten times the prude i am not to be swept up in it.


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Wild Eyes

Wild eyes – Vivian Girls

I don’t know why i worry so. Good time had by all. It’s just i feel so uncool, unworthy and anxious to the point of debilitation and self loathing sometimes, stranded outside of the backward forwardness of the (gulp, but it catchalls it well enough) DIY scene. But, whether it was determination not to let it get to me and have a good time, the transitiveness of the music, or the fact that almost everyone there was as big a dork as i am (or if not a dork, lame and precious), i had a great time last night. My girlfriend did to. She bought a t shirt.

They played this song. They played a lot of songs, all presently still in my head, but never took too much of our time. They spoke to us with their reverb things still on their microphones resulting in some inaudible yet rapturous banter. They played Telepathic Love as an encore, then Damaged and switched instruments. Review: They were really, really good. And Hawnay Troof played as well! Dead Farmers were good too. Look at me, writing this as though it’s my sole outing for the year.

une femme mariee

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All The Time

All the time – Vivian Girls

We are going to see these people this Friday, and i’m excited. I’ve heard tales from people i don’t know that all fun, good time and Vivian Girlmania one would expect of them doesn’t translate to them live or as people, so cue apprehension. Pile on apprehension that i’ll feel like a dork, ugly, out of place in a crowd of young, hip things who own and command music and music settings like these. That i will reach the door only to turn around, get in the car and drive home. That i will distance myself yet again to fun, to something valuable, to fall back into a comfortable due to it being sheltered life wherein my only daily achievement is writing this shitty thing that no one reads.

I like this band a lot. I like seeing bands a lot. It is just so hard to be in public sometimes when you have no control of it, your appearance, the joy and enthusiasm that most everyone finds seemingly so easily that evades you so perfectly, uncertainty of place, deserving and belonging. Fucking useless life. Fucking personal blog.


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