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Theme – Descendents

Here they are with no lyrics whatsoever. Are the problems identified a few days ago avoided through the instrumental song here, or is there an essence in the bass, drums and guitar unsilenceable through which the gross side of the Descendents still seeps? Who cares? It does make for a nice stop point between them though. And it’s a Tony Lombardo song. The best Descendent.

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Get The Time

Get the time – Descendents

Once upon a time the Descendents were everything too me. My all (heh…). The band that seemed to encompass and reflect everything teenage me felt and was going through, except the coffee drinking and openness to farting. Allies (heh..) in lonely nerddom. Now, older but still probably younger than they were when they wrote these songs (and half the age they are as they continue to sing them), and i can barely stomach them. These really nice songs i thought were the most romantic things i had ever heard now come across as repulsive anthems running a nice guy, friend-zoned split of entitlement, control and patheticness. The coffee and fart songs now seem the least immature. The songs are still so good. They’ll always be, however much i don’t want to be reminded of the me who once aligned with them completely and didn’t realise how gross it was.

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My Dad Sucks

My dad sucks – Descendents

Is this really the first Descendents song here? I feel like i’ve written about them before and that cold night in East Kurrajong i first discovered them, but if not the Descendents for which other band? I don’t know… Anyway, one generation looking back at another and saying “Nope.” It’s funny how many people in that room that night were without significant father figures. I shouldn’t speak for others. It’s something we all had in common but never really talked about. No one ever really said their dad sucked, though. The sometimes serenity of distance.

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