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Groove Is In the Heart

Groove is in the heart – Deee-Lite

One of the first songs i ever remember liking. One of the first adult songs anyway – songs they played on triple J. I don’t think i’ll ever realise it’s importance. I don’t even know if it had an importance. My age at the time didn’t give me grasp enough on any revolution music was going through then, nor if and how Deee-Lite fit into that revolution. Odds are if i heard it it was the tail-end, mainstream surfacing of anything cutting edge. Or it was just that good.

Has it dated at all? Things that were so fresh twenty years go don’t usually hold up as well as this. Maybe it hasn’t had the chance to date, fixed to every party tape (my parties, not real parties), on every DJ’s playlist. I think it still sounds as incredible as ever, but that probably dates me. Party song of the year 1990 becomes skating rink song of 1995 becomes engagement party dance floor filler of 2000 becomes Singstar hit of 2005 becomes the “is it still ok for me to listen to this?” question of 2010. I wonder what their other songs were like.

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For we are the king of the boudoir – The Magnetic Fields

Prowesslessnesslessness. That’s what i need. For we are the king of having a job interview today, and the king needs this job bad. Here goes…

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Pretender – Hoover

Last night at the Bloodclot Faggots show, a friend of a friend used the show’s location to buy some records in between bands, something that seems not right to me but what do i know? He wanted The Lurid Traversal of Route 7. He knew he wanted it but he had never heard it. Both for the sake of being social and the sake of having this record in another’s hands, i felt i had to sell him on it.

I am terrible at talking about music. Noticed? All i could come up with were messes of cliched praise given and given often to all kinds of shitty music. “In my top ten records of all time,” i said. “The best record Dischord ever released,” i added ( sincerely). I’m glad there exists this discourse of music where i can say seemingly trite, empty things and they can possibly still be effective despite their inanity. “The best bass sound ever put to a record.” Something also about the interplay between that bass, the guitars and the drums. I mean everything. It just never seems effective. It just never seems good enough.

Anyway, he bought it. We listened to it back at friend’s houseafterwards, in a separate room to the stereo it played on, he for the first time, me for the first time in company.

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Oblivious – Galaxie 500

I listened to the Galaxie 500 covers album the other day. Some of them were ok, but every single one made me wish i were listening to the band themselves. That is not something i can level to Galaxie 500. Their covers are some of my favourite and preferred versions of songs. Not their cover of Final Day, though – it’s still good, but i love the original too much. Anyway Hefner cover this song, and do a straightforward job of it, but they failed to supplant the original as today’s song in my head.

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Meaningless – The Magnetic Fields

If it were me (it’s not), i would have found so many more assonantly rhyming “-ess” words to cram into this song’s coda, making it such a mess of sibilant “-ess” sounds there would not be enough pop filters in the world to mask it. He just kind of gives up on it. Unless he is rhyming something else entirely. I would have ran it so far into the ground. The gap between here and genius.

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Hall Of Shame

Hall of shame – Great Plains

Another great song from that great album by this great band, Great Plains. I like the slower ones as well. They’re all great.

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Fool That Set It Off

Fool that set it off – Great Plains

Maybe my favourite song off an album that should have a share of the esteem of Zen Arcade, Let It Be, Double Nickels on the Dime, Murmur, and others, but for many reasons doesn’t. Well, no, my favourite song will always be Time To Name The Dog but this song needs as much height as i can give it. It is perfect. It’s such a whirlwind thing, starting as breathlessly as it finishes; an amusement park ride in song, the fairground organ adding to that. Every band needs an organ.

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