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Sunday, June 16th:
Piranha boy – Kyaa!

Monday, June 17th:
Can the can – Suzi Quatro

Tuesday, June 18th:
Terry – Kirsty MacColl

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Slapdash – Kyaa!

Or Kyah! Or キャ→. An onomatopoeia of a women’s scream, regardless. I’m not at all well versed in 80’s Japanese punk. When everyone was sewing Gism and the Stalin patches on to their jackets, i had this weird resistance to it. Resistance to the unknown and, honestly, the frightening. Resistance to danger; to not having my sensibilities shaken up. As varied as the whole scene was, i grouped it all in as this spiky, unknowable mass of no fun, extreme for extremeness’ sake, conservative, spitting music. What a maroon.

Maybe what i was most of all resistant to was not having an entry point. Well enter the Nurse, and an image of their flexi disc’s picture sleeve. The big hair, the outfits, those poses, those eyes – it was something i could no longer ignore. It was one of those things where i knew even if it sounded a fraction of how incredibly it looked then it would be still be one of the most amazing things i would ever come across. And from there i found Kyaa! and i’m in deep. All punk scenes should be breached by finding out what women were doing in them. Here’s what else was going on in Japanese music in 1985.

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