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Pick you up – Powderfinger

Because i’m super cool and fun to be around, i spent last night at home half-watching Rage. It’s celebrating 25 years on the air at the moment, dedicating every show to play year by year defining videos of its life as a music video show. Let me say there is some serious revisionism going on here. Last night was 1995/1996/1997, and i, nerd that i am, taped near every episode back then so i know what they were playing back then, and what they aired late night was not at all an entirely accurate representation of it.

They did play some videos shown back then ad nauseum – the Smashing Pumpkins, the Silverchairs, the Tools, the Foo Fighters, the Powderfingers – but among them, inserted with the same sense of celebration were videos they never celebrated. Sugar Cube, Triumph, Cross Bones Style – things i’ve come to learn about and love, but not through Rage ever airing their videos.

It was like they were through their means suppressing any hint that they were ever late to these parties. Not Rage as it was, but Rage as they wish it had been, years of education, trend-settling and scope-broadening after the fact. Maybe the programming was meant to reflect that: To simply play the best videos. But if it was just them playing what they know now to be the best videos of those years, why the heck did they play this song?

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