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I’m sorry. School’s getting in the way.. Yesterday’s song was…
Love Rain – Kim Tae Woo

and today’s is…
Walking out on love – The Beat

One of the better songs ever written, but one i’m worried i might be liking less and less every time i listen to it. I hope not. The first time i did hear it i was so floored by it, and i just haven’t been able to find that feeling again. Or it’s there, just not as much, and anything less hurts. I think i may have heard the single version first, if there even exists a single version. Maybe that’s it. If i found that single version again.

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Love Rain

Love rain – Kim Tae Woo

And then a miracle: A boy. We don’t see many around these parts. Maybe not so much a miracle, this boy. Some of the best moments on Invincible Youth (on which he was a host/compare/MC/mentor) were when the girls rejected with great exasperation his attempts at being charming, or when he got all phooey when a cuter boy came as a guest and took all the girls’ attention. Maybe it’s that he can sing songs like this, all the knees in the world that are made weak by it, and there is a delusion set that if he has had that effect before he will effect the same always. It’s always funny to watch confidence and command falter.

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