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Crash – The Primitives

I like how the Primitives refer to themselves as “yes, we’re the band who sang Crash.” It is a perfect song, but it must be horrible to be remembered for one song and one song only, especially when those other songs you happened to write are themselves really good and worth someone’s attention. Like with The La’s and There She Goes, Men Without Hats and The Safety Dance, Blueline Medic and Making the Nouveau Riche, Altered Images and Happy Birthday, and others: You’ve written a song that managed to be your introduction to a wider world and infiltrated people’s earspace enough through radio, through use and re-use through movie soundtracks, through “greatest hits of the 80s!” compilations, through saturation, that it becomes the only song you will ever be remembered for, the only thing you need have ever done. Your ingress was welcome as far as that one song. Your history will not be traced, your future already forgotten.

There is so much good music out there to ever relegate a band to a one hit wonder, and it’s horrible for the Primitives and others to be remembered as such. This is how real fans of the Vapors, or the Knack, or the Buggles must feel, screaming at us all to give the rest of their catalogue the chance it deserves.

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