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Savory – Jawbox

I watched them on Jimmy Fallon last night before going to bed. Despite some sound problems (J. Robbins’ guitar not being loud enough), it’s one heck of a performance. First Sunny Day Real Estate, now Jawbox defying the phoning-it-in band reformation odds. Maybe there’s something special about Jimmy Fallon’s sound stage.

Every time i imagine myself in Jawbox (and i do, often), i imagine myself as Bill Barbot. We are playing this song and are coming up to that “One hand will wash the other” part. It really is one of the greatest things in music, and it rests on me and my backing vocal to bring it to its height. I screw it up and my voice breaks every time. Way to go, Nat. You’ve ruined it for everybody.


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Iodine – Jawbox

Someone, somewhere calls Jawbox their favourite band, right? And someone, somewhere has this as their one favourite song, meaning more to them than any other? Yes? Good.

This is a song that keeps with you in the most absorbing and essential way. A song not carried but rather one carrying you, paralysed, displaced. A song obscuring, erasing, everything of the world that isn’t you and wherever you are taken by it. A song shaping and shepherding you through your every thought, contemplation, hope, for as long as it stays in your head. A song eliminating all distance, all chill, all condition, all purpose on a late night walk. A song compelling every lyric from pen to school desk as you sit there separated from any possible learning with it as your sole daydream. A song you would spell out in grass in a field somewhere in as large letters as possible if you could find enough salt. The version i have posted is a demo version. I don’t know why. To ground it maybe. Maybe i like it more.

fruit of paradise

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