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Plan 13

Plan 13 – Riverdales

It was once pessimistically hoped by Ben Weasel that people would come to one day appreciate the incredible second Riverdales album in favour of their more conventionally pop punk and much more successful first. It took me some time, but i did come around and would now list Storm The Streets among my most favourite ever. It is the greatest approximation to the essence of the Ramones ever made, from the geometry of the guitar, to the demented cartoon and pop American-ness of the lyrics, to that one chord being held requisitely long enough for everything to come back around again, to a stringent dedication to and sufficiency of downstrokes, to every song launching from a “1-2-3-4!”.

This song is actually on that first self-titled album but is one of the most Storm The Streets sounding on there. Dig the middle break after the second time around, where a unison “GO!” drives the song into this kind of music’s perfection. Yes do dig it.

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