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Parties in Chelsea – Television Personalities

I don’t know enough about Chelsea in 1981 to frame this song. Are they a good thing or a bad thing? Are we enthusiastically attending them or mocking them? The usual sardonicism Television Personalities operate with would suggest the latter, but there’s nothing overly deprecating about this song. It’s a list of upcoming parties in Chelsea. Something to look forward to. They don’t actually seem like very cool parties. Just pleasant, homely get-togethers. Maybe in looking for mocking i’m inserting myself and my complexes and wanting to frame it around that. Parties and especially parties in hip burrows means no invitation for me. I hate those Chelsea snobs.

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I know where Syd Barrett lives – Television Personalities

I was going to be smart and say i do too, but apparently he was cremated and the ashes are on the mantelpiece of a family member. I suppose they belong there.

harold and maude

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