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Kill Karaoke

Kill karaoke – The Haywains

I never got this song. Kill karaoke? What’s exactly wrong with karaoke? Is it because of the limited range of songs one has to pick from? Soulless, banal, humdrum songs for the masses. Is it because it upholds the stature, the only-ness, of these songs? That’s what i think it’s about. Maybe in 1991 this would have been true, but the mp3 has changed karaoke for the better, and you can sing nearly anything you would want to.

And even so, on the poorest list, there’s always at least one or two songs that are sure to hold something special enough for you on the list. Maybe it’s nothing more than the begrudging of a good time. Stop being a prude, give in and become enraptured. Add this to the list of flustery, reactionary songs sprung from fads the songwriter isn’t ready for (see: every hardcore song written about the internet).

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