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Abdicate – Intentions

It’s funny a song would be in my head after only hearing three or four times. These guys, us and Hira Hira played with Daniel Striped Tiger last Sunday, exactly the same line-up as the show we flaked on but with the bonus awesomeness of Daniel Striped Tiger. One of the multitude of friends Peter has made since moving to the city is in this band – the singer/bassist. I had met him briefly once before on a train with Peter, they talked about music while i stayed quiet but still engaged. I don’t think he remembered me from that passing on Sunday, or that he’s aware that i know Peter as well (worth boasting about). It’s not like i’m ever going to talk to anyone at a show, so, yeah, a smile here and there. He does that hand-clappin’, chicken strut guitar-player thing that Ohana and other bands do that i find annoying, but, honestly, who am i?

He is also asking for a drummer to start a new band:

I’ve realised that about half the songs I’m writing aren’t destined for my post-hardcore band and never will be, no matter how much I speed them up. So I want to form a slow sad indie band. stuff like Arrows, Charge Group, Art Of Fighting, Dirty Three, early Death Cab, 90s Midwestern emo, etc. I hope you get the idea. Definitely need a drummer and a bassist or guitarist – what instrument I play is going to be dependent on who responds to this. Let me know if you’re interested!

Maybe we should, Peter and i. He still has his bass.

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