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One Dying Wish

One dying wish – Saetia

I know we’re supposed to have grown out of this, and there should be some shame accompanying it as it falls out of whatever closet it’s kept locked in, treating it as juvenilia if we have to treat it at all, but gawsh is this song ever great! This is no way to win friends or cement coolness, but i am set to retard myself from noise, from garage rock, from bloghouse, from black metal, from whatever co-opted music a beeline to hip is drawn, because a) i am a dork, and b) everything i want from music i still find so perfectly in stuff like this. This is me, here, 2009, loving this without irony, waiting for “I’ve drawn a picture of us…” and freaking the fuck out as i always have. This is my old man wardrobe, comfort and satisfaction attained some years ago and worn for the rest of my life.

the american astronaut

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