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Pile Ou Face

Pile ou face – Corynne Charby

Pile! No, je veux dire face. No, pile. No, face. No, pile. No, face. Pile. Face. Pile. Face. Pile. Face. Pile. Face. Pile. Face. Pile. Face…..

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Pas Vu Pas Pris

Pas vu pas pris – Corynne Charby

You’re looking at the (as of yesterday) proud owner of a Corynne Charby greatest hits CD. When i first got into French music – the female vocal pop kind – it was exclusively 60’s and exclusively ye-ye. It was also, besides being lucky enough to find copies of some of the Ultra Chicks compilations, exclusively delivered to me through mp3 blogs dedicated to this stuff. When i think back on how much non-60’s music i filtered out, what i have missed and what i have delayed myself in finding, especially things les annees 80’s, it makes me sad.

But how was i to know? It all had this onus of cheese, plasticness and disposability about it, giving no confidence i would find something i liked there, let alone find some of my favourite songs of all time. Ugh. I shall never overlook or heed others’ slighting of pop music from any country, from any era, ever again.

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Boule De Flipper

Boule de flipper – Corynne Charby

Step aside Lio, there’s a new 80’s French pop chanteuse in my life. Well, no. Until i unearth the lengthy, hit-filled singing career of Yianna Katsoulos (i.e. more than one song), nothing will topple Lio from the highest atria of my heart. Still, it’s nice to find something new. I realise to say something like this is completely premature and wrong, but having… exhausted (in supply, not love for) yé-yé, it is now the synthy, big drums, 80’s disco french pop i have set my traps for.

And as it was for those rarer 60’s songs, it is Mordi from blow-up doll who is introducing me to all this great music. I could probably do it myself – the research, the filtering, the discovering – but this way, being introduced to things by others who have such palpable love and enthusiasm, no matter how anonymous the internet makes it, is my favourite way of finding new music. I really should write him and thank him for all i’ve received from his efforts. One day i will.


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