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Burning Fight

Burning fight – Inside Out

This is another one of those songs where if you hand me a guitar chances are i’m going to play the opening riff to it. To put aside every other aspect it is also perfect at, it is a perfect guitar testing song. Especially for this kind of hardcore, and especially for someone who can only really play power chords. Just play it really slow and find out if everything sounds right – kinetic enough, intense enough, to stir everything to a incendiary frenzy enough as it leads up to that “BREAK!”

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No Spiritual Surrender

No spiritual surrender – Inside Out

I remember going to Art Express with my mum years and years ago. Amidst all the great things this high schooler (actually at that time i was probably still in primary school) could never hope to match, or often understand, so he looks at it all jealously with resentment in tow, there was a piece titled No Spiritual Surrender. Knowing and exalting only Rage Against The Machine at the time, i had only heard of Inside Out in reference, a reference that was never made to seem crucial. I knew nothing of there music, nor much of what hardcore actually was.

Yet here was this artwork by someone who had most definitely heard Inside Out, and what hardcore was and what it gave them. I wish i could remember what it was or what it looked like. That year’s catalogue is probably still at my mother’s house. I should find it. I just remember the blurb written to accompany it was about the song and what it meant to the artist. The work was done as if by compulsion to this music. That seems a pretty natural and sure reaction. This song reaches and raises from somewhere very deep.


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