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C’mon through – Lasse Lindh

Worlds colliding. Finding this song on the soundtrack of the Korean drama Soulmate after hearing him through Labrador Records compilations, and then wondering, naively, how Soulmate‘s music co-ordinator could not only have heard this song, but also inserted it so wonderfully into a national prime time television show. The whole soundtrack is incredible, not only in sound but lineup: Elliot Smith, Nouvelle Vague, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Fiona Apple, Annie, Rene Aubry, Cocosuma, Club 8 (!), BMX Bandits (!!!), alongside a whole host of Korean artists.

It’s not enough just to have these songs, and Soulmate is a drama that uses its music so well. Half these songs wouldn’t stir anything in me if it were not for where i found them in this show, this one included. Again, the world doesn’t need to have its art distributed from a central (American) source. It can go straight from Sweden to Korea, straight from one heart to another. The universality of the songs here (the Korean ones included) speak to the universality and the tone of Soulmate. One of the best meditations on love, relationships, communication, need and want, and why we go through any of it, ever to appear on television.

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