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I am an elephant – Pinhead Gunpowder

With Aaron of Cometbus, Crimpshine, and Astrid Oto (and a billion other bands), Bill from Monsula, Sawhorse and the Skinflutes, Billie Joe from Green Day, Jason from Chino Horde, and once upon a time Mike Kirsch – Pinhead Gunpowder are something of a supergroup. And, like most supergroups, their music is not “by your powers combined,” out of this world phenomenal, but rather it finds and treads a middle, fundamental, back-to-one’s-roots road. And they’re a great band. Bring talented, driven people together, they’ll do great things, no matter how conventional it might be.

It was either a Dungeons and Dragons monster manual or this record, the cold, wet morning in Blacktown i bought it. I’m grateful for my decision every day of my role playing-free life.

best in show

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