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Shake some action – Flamin’ Groovies

Carrie Brownstein once called this her favourite guitar line, and while i’m sure if i thought hard enough i could find a better one, i’m just going to agree with her. And she knows more of the guitar than i ever will. The Flamin’ Groovies are actually playing again and touring Australia as part of this year’s Hoodoo Gurus put-together Dig It Up concerts. I won’t be going, but it does look really good – the Buzzcocks, the Stems, Blue Oyster Cult, Peter Case – but it feels like this weird stage in music history where people are still holding on to the keys to the venues where once they would have had to have gone to Vegas, or in Australia the RSL circuit. The Hoodoo Gurus did seem at one stage destined and perhaps comfortable there. It’s funny how things shift and open up.

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