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Dead Time

Dead time – Th’ Inbred

As someone who has too much time and feels suitably guilty about it, and more so about never capitalising on it but that’s a dead hope so who cares anymore, it seems wrong of me to join in on th’ Inbred’s snotty, preachy, fistpumping anthem of stolen time but… i understand and empathise. Yes, yes, bootstraps. I probably have them and shouldn’t complain.

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Positive Song

Positive song – Th’ Inbred

I love this song. I love that it decries and cynically parodies boy scout hardcore – its myopia, its ineffectuality, its self-serving – yet is one of the best positive youth hardcore, pump-your-fist-point-your-finger-and-say-“go” songs ever written. The split between enjoying so much this music yet wanting something a little more substantial than a soundtrack for good looking, good boy, good intentioned, good neighbourhood good times has been filled. It feels wrong to have this as maybe my favourite song on the record but it is so good, regardless of caricature, it can’t not be.

Okay, I wanna tell everybody about a very bad thing in this world, and if everybody skates a lot and goes to a lot of shows everything’s gonna be alright, ok?

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