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Nothing To Say

Nothing to say – Soundgarden

I know it is probably the highlight, but Soundgarden would be a lot more bearable without Chris Cornell. Both his shirtless, necklace beads swaying as he climbs over abandoned factories, handsomeness; and his voice. What exactly is stopping him from squealing “You’re in the jungle, baby. You’re gonna dieeee“? What seperates this from that? What legitimacy?

I have said before that i never transcribe drum parts. That isn’t to say i’ve never tried. This song was my first and last time. It was homework for drum lessons, and, because Matt Cameron is easily the best thing about Soundgarden, i picked this song. It seemed easy. It was easy, but i have never been more at pain or more bored pausing and rewinding this song for hours just to get a bar of it down in notation. I think i got as far as the first time Chris Cornell repeatedly wails “No-thiiing,” gave up, and went outside. I handed nothing in the next week at lessons, and quit them not long after. Who has time for this stuff, and what do they hope to be by torturing themselves with it? A better drummer than i will ever be. Oh.

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