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You don’t know me – Ben Folds and Regina Spektor

Another implanted song. Another song before this morning i knew only from the tune, not ever learning of its author. I thought it was the people over the road, listening to it as they work on their go kart or whatever they do in that shed of theirs. Therefore it was coloured a more mainstream, unaffecting song, like one from Mika or Maroon 5, playing only because that’s what the radio plays. But no, it was my girlfriend playing it from the living room, colouring it then a song that means something to someone who means something to me.

She has now figured out how to independently download songs and fill her ipod with them. This is a fantastic development. We had a listening party together this morning, her showing me all she found. This is why i insisted on an ipod as i good idea for her. It helps her on the train and helps her connect with music. She needs introduction to music she would love my insistence on ye-ye and twee can’t provide her. Someone help.

the haunting

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