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Taste – Ride

Last December, Peter, while in Norway or Denmark or some other place too fantastic for me to even imagine myself ever being in, sent out to us a mix *.rar of songs he was listening to on his trip, or maybe just generally at that time in his life. Regardless of what was on it, it was the most lifting, appreciated and cherished thing i’ve ever been sent over the internet. From the outset, from it popping up in my inbox, it was a treasure on a level i’ve never before attached to something digital. It was more than a collection of songs. It was like my existence, a friendship, was remembered and retained. I’m a little lonely. This song was on it.

So this is what we get for living the past three years mostly apart from each other and each other’s influence: We wind up in a similar place. This was already a song i loved. I don’t remember where i first heard it. Most likely Rage, or a John Peel programme i downloaded and listened to to pretend i was there. That’s all pretty much irrelevant now. Its place in my life has been renewed. It is Peter’s song – one he loves, one he shared with me.

Along with the mix was packed a document with “ramblings about why they have been included, and also events surrounding them.” To stave off another post where i write about everything but the music, let’s have (without his permission) a guest contributor this morning who can actually write intrepidly and eruditely about music, and not just about himself. Peter Jurd:

One of the three genre defining albums of Shoegaze, the others being Slowdive – “Souvlaki” (also featured on this mix) and My Bloody Valentine – Loveless. This album stands as the most accessible and least Cure (Well, Disintergration) inspired of the three, and also one in which the drums are considered beyond a metronome. I think the drums were infact what instantly drew me to this song, it’s a good eighty percent fills. Absolutely amazing.

I’ll send him something back soon. Two way streets, etc.


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