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How To Build

How to build – Twelve Hour Turn

I declare myself to be Australia’s biggest ever Twelve Hour Turn fan. It’s just i never came across anyone who liked them as much as i did. Among those that had even heard them, it was either nothing-special-indifference or just general dislike of the band that deflated me and my ardour every time their name came up, or when i wore my Twelve Hour Turn shirt everywhere (2000-2004 R.I.P.). It’s hard to like things when the cool kids don’t. I never got why. What that sounded so amazing, organic and essential didn’t affect them as it did me, when a million other horrible bands did? Where was the dissonance? They probably changed my life. Buying The Victory of Flight and the I Hate Myself album on one incredible sixteenth(?) birthday record shopping trip was one of the best things i ever did for myself. And it sounds just as great to me today – older, enlightened, more adroitly picky than those scene nerds ever were.


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