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Clan In Da Front

Clan in da front – Wu-Tang Clan

There are some albums linked so much to a moment in one’s past that by listening to it memory of that moment can’t not be stirred up, severely. It’s not a great battle story, it’s actually quite shameful, but 36 Chambers reminds me of Doom II, and very much Doom II. Not the original Doom, nor any other game. Sitting at the computer in our kitchen, fan heater at my feet, lights all out, Doom II, Wu-Tang Clan. No posturing, no standing on a corner, no riding in a car – no, a nerd in front of a computer.

The amount of time in my life i’ve wasted on games… The amount of time in my life i still waste on games. And now i have this urge to play through it again. If only i were twelve again, with that free time, without this corrective nudge of adulthood. I know that’s not a healthy thing to want. Wu-Tang.


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