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Supreme – Robbie Williams

A nice exercise in sentiment-evoking familiarity by Robbie Williams. Seriously though, yes, people do like the string solo of I Will Survive but what does it add to this song other than stirring the memory of that older song and people’s emotional response to it? Why does this song exist except to rake any surplus of that response? Then why bother listening to Robbie Williams when Gloria Gaynor exists? Because maybe for many Robbie Williams is held as the one they wish triggered the response. And also it is more convenient and more desired for most people to have a chart song impact on them than a relic of charts past. And it’s cheaper for those who want a listening public to be stirred/lulled by something, anything, to license this song than the original.

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Come Undone

Come undone – Robbie Williams

Where’s Robbie Williams now? I mean, his songs are still everywhere (right where he left them) but not with the marketing force we’re used to. I haven’t seen a five minute filler TV spot promoting one of his greatest hits albums for a long time. I think Take That have recently reformed. Maybe he’s busy with that. Anyway, there’s only room for one Robbie Williams in my life:


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