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Because it’s you – Tiffany

The SNSD Tiffany, not the mall-touring 80’s Tiffany. This is from the soundtrack to Love Rain, which ended with the wimpiest whimper this week. It was not the grand depiction of love and time’s malignant grip on love i was hoping for. It was not even overwroughtly or melodramatically so. It just ended, disappointingly. Thankfully. I couldn’t take much more of it.

Was it supposed to be 24 episodes but was cut down to 20? It started off so well. Those first four 1970’s episodes were exactly what i came to this show for. Then it jumped into the modern day and got a little goofy, but still maintained something of the show its reputation touted it to be. Then it went along. And went along. Things from the drama toolbox were introduced and weren’t fleshed out and made believable (“evil” love impediments), kept pointless and annoying (useless, jarring rocker character), or used as telegraphed plot convenience (the medical affliction).

And then it just ended. Happily. Contrivedly. Like they just gave up trying to pull something worthwhile from this mess, forgot about characters, jumped ahead in time, and gave the tritest of codas. Ugh. Don’t they write and prepare these things as a whole, knowing where they’re going, what touchstones they have to hit and when? The good parts of this were very good indeed. The rest was just boring and through the motions. Give me back my sappy, mopey 1970’s Daegu!

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I think we’re alone now – Tiffany

Ugh. Here i go pretending i have a somewhat sophisticated and obscure taste in music and my subconscious betrays me again. Actually this is probably the paradigm of my music taste right here. It doesn’t get much better than this. And, with no trace of irony, it doesn’t get much better than this song. Ok maybe it does, it’s not first tier, but there is something special in the way Tiffany pronounces the “can” in “running just as fast as we can.” Hail, the pioneer of the mall tour.

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