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Love at first sight – Kylie Minogue

Is the high-concepting Kylie Minogue achieved in her reinvention around the turn of the century a result of people touched by and aware of the power of pop growing up and seizing the castle. Or as much of it as they could. Injecting their inspiration into it. Something akin to people once in punk rock or metal working their way up in media organisations to positions of content shaping and delivery, helping their friends, promoting as much as possible what they think is important. Before reality sets in and they either conform wholly or never work again. There’s probably a lot of reasons, the majority of them traceable back to money and the standards and expectations of pop at the time, but i think it’s a factor. A boring one, but a factor nonetheless.

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Confide in me – Kylie Minogue

Because she often has something to prompt her out of bed, be it university or, today, work and i work these terrible evening/night shifts, my girlfriend always gets up earlier than i do. I did have some 7-4 shifts there for a while and was keeping admirable hours, but now i’m back to this “in bed by 3, up at 10” routine that i hate. We live this kind of Ladyhawke situation most days – she home when it’s time for me to go to work, she in bed or asleep on the couch by the time i get home, i wake up with her gone to her day already. There is this twilight where our routines allow us some time together, but time enough for little.

I am not sure how she spends her time alone, what she does in the morning, but whatever she was doing this morning she was playing this song on repeat, loudly. Perhaps i’ve never beheld someone’s listening habits as much as i have hers so i don’t know if other people do this, but she has this annoying trick where she’ll listen to one song, and one song only, over and over again for the entire time she wants to spend listening to music. Driving with her, when her CD player worked, she’d always push the back button on a song and we would listen to a song maybe eight times in a row. I cannot deal with that. It’s not that i didn’t like what she was playing, but any more than twice and i am ready to move on to another song. We eventually applied a “three times is enough” rule. And then her CD player broke.

So is this cheating? To have a song placed in my head subliminally by repetition, to wake up with it, and have it kept with me as i lie awake in bed hoping this will be the last time. And then it is the last time. And she comes in and tells me she’s late and has to go. It’s getting to me. We go away together soon after the university semester.

Maybe she has found out about this thing i have here and is doing her best to manipulate the phenomenon of song choice. It worked today. And it’s not like this song is not great. It’s probably my favourite Kylie song. She has recorded some great songs over the years – Better the Devil You Know, I Should Be So Lucky, Step Back In Time, On a Night Like This, etc. I hear she puts on one heck of a show as well.

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