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Jenny – I Love JH

Um. Here’s the video for the song. It’s just Ji-young walking around suburban Atlanta, holding on to soccer field fences, sitting in a diner, etc. Sometimes the lyrics rise out match her lips. It’s really quite perfect for the song.

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Passing By

Passing by – I Love JH

I don’t know who or what JH stands for, but i love I love JH. The most simple, unadorned, honest indie rock, out of mode with everything except an evergreen bareness in having things to get out and a guitar and some chords with which to do so. It’s my dream band. Not hip or narrative driven enough to ever be appreciated or hold a sense of social augmentation. Just bare affect, the band and you. I am not sure if they’re still a band. Probably not. That’s fine. They released an album and a demo EP. The lead singer was also in Oh! My Melodies and Ant Brain.

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I’m getting really bad at finding the time for this. Good songs though.

Tuesday, November 5th: Jenny – I Love JH

Wednesday, November 6th: Benedict – Universal Order of Armageddon

Thursday, November 6th: Honey White – Morphine

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