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I’m getting really bad at finding the time for this. Good songs though.

Tuesday, November 5th: Jenny – I Love JH

Wednesday, November 6th: Benedict – Universal Order of Armageddon

Thursday, November 6th: Honey White – Morphine

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Benedict – Universal Order of Armageddon

We learned this song as one of our covers last night at practice. I’m not sure if we’re supposed to keep that secret or not. We’ve a bloodpact to play a different cover every show so i guess i may have ruined the surprise for one of those shows. We have a mission, undiscussed but palpable, to outdo Ex-Spectator in the obscure mid-90s cover game. We have a mission to honour and get so much out of playing these songs hat have given us so much. We’re basically a covers band.

It began with me playing the opening beat of Visible Distance compulsively and incessantly, Alex suggesting Flux (i think) was the better song, then Louise and i agreeing that this, Benedict, would be the song we would learn and cover. Band. Listening to this song, and playing it as best we could last night, it was made painfully obvious (ha) how unimaginative and rooted in the obvious i am as a drummer and songwriter. The way the toms are used, how the beat is broken, Tonie Joy being Tonie Joy on the guitar… It’s fun sometimes to marvel at truly incredible bands, but when that band daunts, outstrips and subdues everything you can come up with in your own band it is kind of disheartening.

We’ll do ok.

paris is burning

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