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Sunday, May 26th:
Ordinary people do fucked up things when fucked up things become ordinary – Propagandhi

Monday, May 27th:
Why did i trust you? – The Garlands

Tuesday, May 28th:
Hoot – Girls’ Generation

Busy, busy, busy. Torn between three towns 100 kilometres apart and i’m an idiot. I don’t deserve anything good in life. And after class today i’m pretty sure i’m safe never to get that anything.

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Back to the motor league – Propagandhi

This was the lead single (well, preview mp3) for all of us anticipating for far too long the release of Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes, and i remember it being a sour first taste for me. Idiot. It’s still probably my least favourite song on the album, but that is no doubt because of the “single” effect, and a least favourite song on a favourite album is indicative of no denigration. It’s indicative of the songs it has to compete with. With lyrics like “like-father, like-son “rebels” bloated on korn, eminems and bizkits“, and “Success, the ability to perform within a framework of obedience. Just ask the candy-coated Joy-Cam rock-bands selling shoes for venture-capitalists, silencing competing messages, rounding off the jagged edges“, what’s not to love?

time of the gypsies

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The banger’s embrace – Propagandhi

I still haven’t bought this album, nor the one before it. Have i lost something of myself? I bought Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes the day it came out. I planned it weeks in advance: Put my lunch money away, called the store to see if they would have it, found out that my mum and i would be in Canberra that day, called the good comic book/record store that used to be there to assure myself geography wouldn’t arrest my plan, drove there, did not look for anything else, grabbed it and bought it, playing it constantly for the past eight years.

I know few things as intimately and comprehensively as those first three Propagandhi albums, knowing every lyric with annotation, the drum parts thoroughly, the guitar parts as thoroughly as talent allows. They were a principle building-block band for a lot of the music i like, and the person i am today. Not much has been as rewarding, improving and captivating as those Propagandhi albums, and for some reason i find the more recent ones dispensable.

I will buy them, someday. The foundation has been set though – i have been sent, i have progressed, i keep trawling. Is there reason to realign? I hope someone becomes as involved with this album as i did those earlier, with every benefit and egress to further inspiring things impressed upon them. I am nowhere near acquainted enough with these new songs. What i know of this song is the catchy, folk/mountain music, author: traditional verse and that is what i had in my head this morning.

Is this annoying?

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