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Owen Meaney

Owen Meaney – Lagwagon

It always seemed to me a pity when this song speeds up and becomes bouncy. After such a beautiful beginning – something i believe now as much as when Fat Wreck Chords comprised most of my music world – violin/viola/EBow, intended prettiness and everything, it’s jarring when it kicks into that typical Fat/Epitaph drive with Joey Cape’s typical vocals. It’s as though they couldn’t help it. It’s not terrible, and as the song moves along you can kind of forget about that change, especially when he sings “It’s just the desperation that takes me home” and the song returns to the beginning, much more seamlessly than it left it.

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Train – Lagwagon

This song and this album, and Double Plaidinum before it, are forever linked for me to a tape Adrian made for me so, so long ago. The two albums on each side of a D-90 with select filler songs to run out the tape. I know this is a cliche thing to say, but i wore that tape out like no other. I still have it, unplayable, sellotape patches to make it last just that extra bit more than it should have. We traded tapes all the time: He from actual CD’s and me from bits of Rage and Recovery i’d tape the audio from because i had no CD’s. Gifts. Gifts for friends.

Because i live in perpetual nostalgia, ever looking back, ever aware of once wases and things lost, i decided to recreate the tape myself recently. Just those two albums back to back burnt to CD. I still really like them, which surprised me, not having heard them in ten years and developing certain strong prejudices over that time. It’s probably more all it swells up for me. Yeah… I guarantee Adrian isn’t compiling CD’s of… whatever i put on those tapes for him. I can’t remember. Cool.

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Shaving Your Head

Shaving your head – Lagwagon

I broke a cymbal drumming along to this song, towards the end, about when the singer yells “yeah”. A really nice UFIP 16″ crash. I wish had a better war story, but i don’t – i broke a cymbal to a Lagwagon song. I can remember every song every crack in every cymbal i’ve had developed to. I broke my first crash cymbal to Cherub Rock by Smashing Pumpkins, then the Lagwagon one, then an 18″ crash came back broken from lending my drumkit to a friend for longer than i should have. A fantastic Zildjian A 16″ crash was lost to Bang On by the Propellerheads. A Sabian entry level 16″ crash was bought and broken next, to the Deadstare side of their split with Far Left Limit. Then the ride cymbal that came in the set with the Sabian crash i broke at Former Republics practise earlier this year, and i’ve not replaced it yet.

As a drummer, and a drummer of little means (and for the longest time of no means), the worst feeling and the worst sound one can hear is that extinguished, aborted dead air of a cymbal hit not ringing as it should due to fracture. It signifies a lost cymbal, a lost $300-$400, playing without a cymbal or with that broken cymbal until you can save enough pennies to afford a new one for you to one day break as well.

The reason there are not more broken cymbals in that list is that for the longest time i went without until i had enough money (or half enough money) to afford a replacement, like with every skateboard, every pair of shoes, and every pair of glasses. A broken cymbal is one of the most devastating financial blows for me. And here i am with a girlfriend who has had her car written off by some inattentive person and was told she would recoup nowhere near enough money to buy a new car with her insurance payout.

life is sweet

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