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Cartoon world – The Max Levine Ensemble

It was instant devotion, the first time i heard the Max Levine Ensemble. I realise now i was wrong (there still were great bands but not in the places i was looking), but at the turn of the century pop punk seemed to enter a nadir of poor song-writing, nasally-voiced, template reproduction bands whose influence stemmed from the same diminishing return, three-chord, whoa-oh point. Then the Putrid Flowers and the Ergs happened, and a world opened up to bunch of bands who realised that it was song writing and pop infused punk songs that made bands like Screeching Weasel, Sweet Baby, The Flatmates and Sludgeworth the greatest bands in the world, not pop punk according to a determined derivative known as “pop punk”. And the Max Levine Ensemble were a part of that enlightenment, one of the best parts i think.

I bought their CD through Matt from Gosford/Nerf Jihad’s short-lived but so opulent (and reasonably priced) distro. I remained convinced i’m the only one who ever utilised it. It is long gone. I’ve always wanted to be in a band like the Max Levine Ensemble, but find me someone else. I could easily do it myself. I am going to buy a 4 track. Also today i’m going to go to the park and learn how to backflip off a swing.

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