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Who’s Gonna Care

Who’s gonna care? – Cause Co-Motion

Can i hear a xylophone/marimba/vibraphone/i don’t know what in this song? Another Cause Co-Motion song this morning. One of my favourite things about this band and this song is how the position of second guitarist seems to exist solely to play those melody notes. There seems to be no ancillary use for that second guitar at all. It’s played often enough, and to ever so pleasing results, but what of those song parts without that second guitar? What do they do then? I cannot imagine what Cause Co-Motion are like live – the relic-like sound of the band creating some mystique that doesn’t allow the band to sit at all in a mundane, grounded, touchable contemporary setting.

wet hot american summer

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You Don’t Say

You don’t say – Cause Co-Motion!

I thought i was on the cutting edge when i first heard this band and ordered this record post haste. Then i find Cause Co-Motion! (or caUSE co-MOTION!!!) have five years worth of band history behind them with single and compilation releases scattered along that history, all of which i wish i were aware of throughout. Not to be cool, but to be there, with all enthusiasm, because i really do like this band. They’re great, write the best songs, and play and record them the best way – whether natural or attentively imitative, i don’t care. Then, as though i were not made to feel tardy enough, flipping through Girlfriend magazine at work i find them in a surprisingly good “bands to look out for in 2009” write up. I need to get my act together. I shouldn’t need cute band alerts to be alerted to cute bands.


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