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Too Adult

Too adult – Watanabe Minayo

B dashu. Not a Mario reference, but the state of being caught between physical stages of a relationship. Like 1st base, second, etc. euphemisms, in Japan it is measured on an ABC scale of intimacy. Why given the popularity of baseball in Japan the metaphor wasn’t carried over, i don’t know. It may be a gendered thing: The baseball scale being one of a traditionally male sport and of conquest, given a male language; the ABC scale from what i’ve read (so take this with caution) arose in manga directed at a female audience, the experience then shifted and spoken about in a new language. There’s a lot that could be written about this, by better educated people than me. Anyway B- means between B and C. Stay safe, Minayo. Don’t sing a coying song about it. Oops too late.

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Yuki no kaerimichi – Watanabe Minayo

This is a really nice song. It’s funny how much ground was covered song-wise in the Onyanko Club, and that this song sounds nothing else in their catalogue. There is so much room in it – so much pause and quiet, and it only serves the song. You don’t find that in songs these days, with that rule where we must be reminded of who is singing and everything their name carries every seven seconds or so. When performed live she’s second only to Kawai Sonoko for the saddest person to ever sing a song, simply because she has that space to fall into moments of despondence. Minayo was Onyanko Club member #29.

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