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Rebel Soul

Rebel soul – bis

I guess some albums change people’s lives. For me it’s mostly been certain things coming into my life at the perfect time, aligning with and supporting who i am as i grow and change. In 1997 when bis appeared on Recovery one Saturday morning and came into my life, it was like i had found every facility i needed to be content with my dumb early teenage self. This was me, defined, enabled, comforted. I had a band to call my own. Not so much with this song, though. The New Transistor Heroes has always felt a little too long, but i would not live this life again without it.

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X-Defect – bis

With the part in this song after the bridge – Amanda’s verse sung in her own special, bratty way that has repelled near everyone i’ve shared bis with – a moment of perfect release, with the stripped guitar save for those nice, chimey, melodic chords you get by strumming the G, B and e strings with your fingers in the right places (i’m terrible at describing music, incase you haven’t noticed), comes a compulsion to spin around any room, arms covered in goosebumps, spine completely tingled, elated like no one else in the world for the twenty or so seconds that verse lasts. Yeah. It’s not much of a let down after that, either. There was never a let down with bis. Ok, maybe later in their career. My first real favourite band.

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