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I went to Adelaide to record and play a show and reconnect with people who mean a bunch to me and others who could potentially, so that’s where i’ve been. It kinda stinks to be back home, but that’s expected.
Thursday: The boys – Girls’ Generation

Friday: Sorry Again – Velocity Girl

Saturday: Nauseous – Koro

Sunday: Order no. 270 – Calvary

Monday: Tripping wires – Velocity Girl

Tuesday: Do you love coffee? – Braid

I like how it begins with SNSD and then returns to things i shouldn’t be ashamed of. Less ashamed of. How i am when left alone vs. how i am when i’m with people. The correcting of company. Good company. Thank you, everyone.

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Your Silent Face

Your silent face – Velocity Girl

Like Galaxie 500 with Ceremony, for the longest time i believed this to be an original Velocity Girl song. I’m such a dummy. Come to think of it, it does seem odd that an American band would say “Piss off.” Or at least it sounds much more appropriate coming from an English band. They released it on a 7″ with the Beach Boys’ You’re So Good To Me on the other side. Why would a band release a single only of cover songs? It was misleading. It mislead me here.

No matter how much i come around to New Order, like that Ceremony cover, it is this version that is so much more ingrained in me, much more highly held. I can imagine it sounding inferior if one was a staunch New Order fan, but it has never been anything but perfect to me. Maybe the further i go into New Order, the more of a fan i become (which will happen because they’re incredible. Give it time), this version will mean less and less to me. What a horrible thought. I want it to always be a harmonica i hear when i think of this song.

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Sorry Again

Sorry again – Velocity Girl

I had a dream last night that they played this song over the P.A. at work. It is not completely out of the realm of possibility. We get all kinds of weird things piped in for us. Who knows how music licensing works? Anyway, i was feeling it, as i do when anything vital hits me at that time when i need something vital to hit me most. The part where they go “Woo-hoo!” came and in my little revelry i sung a “Woo-hoo” of my own.

At that time i looked up and caught the eyes of this particular ostensibly (how else to i know and gauge people) cool guy about town. “Woo-hoo!” I was expecting him to be caught the same, and we’d meet each other singing, the strongest of bonds formed. Instead i met blank, chastising eyes (has he ever looked any other way?), and i felt as alone as i ever have, with cause. Oh. How do you do it?

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What You Say

What you say – Velocity Girl

I remember finding this record (the Screw compilation on Simple Machine Records) and thinking i had the Velocity Girl discography nearly cornered. Then i looked and saw that they were on Sub Pop, actually released albums and lasted all the way until 1996. I was convinced that there was just the Slumberland singles and a few compilations songs. I didn’t even though they went through two singers. I didn’t even know i could have found out about them years earlier by listening to my sister’s Clueless soundtrack.

I wonder how many more times i will discover things like the whole back end of Velocity Girl. I wonder if one day i’ll know everything, or be happy knowing as much as i do. If i can stop. I hope not and i’m sure not.

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