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Lonesome loser – Little River Band

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, i guess. No don’t. The following is taken from the SongMeanings comment page for this particular song, posted because if i had any opinion on this song at all, i hope it would follow somewhat the line of this guy’s shoulder chip.

You know this song is the most definite proof of what shallow mindset existed back in the 70s.

Now we know even the most mundane job is to be apreciated and a person is not a loser for doing a lesser job than they are capable. It is easy to see the error of this song.

And what exactly where they trying to promote here..? If a woman is truley a “queen of hearts” then money and materialism would not be the end all.

Shame on a man for trying to win the apple of his eye. He should first be wealthy and succesful (like we are) and “be somebody”.

What a crock of shit.

But the trick about the song is it’s generic enough to promote a sense of “guilt” in any precieved direction and as the previous post comments it was used quite commonly as an insult song.

So to me, this song is LRB identity. This is the song they should go down in history as their contribution to the world. A song that promoted materialistic slut-dome.

Me, I never got into the band. All their songs seemed so generic cookie cutter and teeny bopperish. There was no thrill of real rock. Just some sucky preachy lyrics that leaves me cold.

If you read into LRB history, you’ll see allot of the members did not get allong and would quit. Their history speaks volumes of itself.


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