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All Ease

All ease – Sleepytime Trio

I’m being toy. I’m toying. Stop being toy. I’m posting the live version of this because it’s my favourite version of maybe my favourite Sleepytime Trio song. An example on how to take a perfect song and make it even better. It’s the feedback at the beginning and the drum rolling that rises out of it, stopping abrupt *flam-flam* and right into the most suffocatingly tight riff ever written. Stop being toy. You can do this.

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Rock Candy

Rock candy – Sleepytime Trio

First Sleepytime Trio song. Again, this thing can’t be held as an accurate measure of the songs the fly around in my head daily.

There is this man coming from the Philadelphia for some misguided reason to Sydney soon and he posted on a few forums that he wants to start a band:

so, my wife and i will be moving to sydney from philadelphia, pa, usa shortly and i could use some help with being pointed in the right direction as far as the local diy community goes. whats the diy hardcore scene like? i’m very interested in being an ACTIVE part of it. where are most of the shows going on? what bands should i check out (the only sydney area band i’m familiar with is bare arms)? what are the good record stores? i’ll be bringing my drumkit with me, so who listens to 90s hardcore and wants to rip off bands like shotmaker, 400 years and sleepytime trio? awesome, me too…

Me too… A prayer answered. Someone may have finally sent me an angel. Of course this angel has to play drums so i’ll have to fool him in to thinking i can play guitar, and that i’m a cool guy and he won’t be on ground floor if he starts this band with me. And i’ll have to do more than replying to his thread in my whitenoise way: “Me. Start band with me.” Too much potential happiness is riding on this. I can’t let it slip. It seems so fated. It can’t happen without me. Someone tell him that.

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