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Summerfling – K.D. Lang

The other music industry. The one adults support, discrete from the tween market until it’s supported well enough to appear in the charts along side it. The one that means just as much to the people listening to it. Is there any tension amongst those in it that they’re efforts are still under the thumb of major record labels? It makes sense for them to stick to the system if they’re from a time when the system was the only way, but how much of it can they stomach without looking around, at the people and corporations they work for, and wanting to step beyond it. Their fanbase’s are set enough, the labels are not going to reach beyond that set – What can the major labels do for them, apart from doing the legwork, the paper work, the payola work that gets you on the radio and talk shows they control, as well as further life as supermarket muzack, which they control as well? Hmm. It’d be nice if all at once they chose to step outsie of it and create something for themselves; support themselves.

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