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1978 – Kleenex

Now i know they were still called Kleenex here. Learn to count “5-6-7-8” in Swiss German, and then one minute of the most perfect punk rock, instrumental, stripped down to its essence and put over a Moe Tucker drumbeat. Slight, one idea, but this is one of the greatest songs ever made.

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Hitch-hike – Liliput

The one with the whistle. I think they were Liliput by this song. Looking it up, i think this may have been their first song as not Kleenex – Kimberly-Clark having just threatened legal action. I’ve never been sure, getting every song of theirs in one go in that two disc discography set Kill Rock Stars released many years ago. So many songs, so much ground covered, so many band morphings, only five years. But this was them at their best: Guitar, bass, drums and those weird and amazing things that made them Kleenex/Liliput. At least i think it is them at their best. it has been so long since i’ve listened to that second disc of mature band sounding songs. It could be incredible to me now, as a mature person.

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