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She’s Gone

She’s gone – NOFX

Every NOFX album had one or two songs that sounded a little bit better, more ambitious, more serious, than what they usually came up with. This is one of those songs. It sounded better to me as a song held within the context of other NOFX songs, standing out only there. Now that i’m a little more worldly, it just sounds like another NOFX song – any semblance it once held to something maybe beautiful is undone, because it just sounds like another NOFX song. And who wants to listen to another NOFX song?


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El Lay

El Lay – NOFX

I like how this song confirms my prejudice of Los Angeles being the most unappealing place in the world, and how twenty years later it is still probably very much the same, trading hair metal for hair… something else. Free use of the n-word, white, bedroom hip hop, maybe. And i like how there has been nearly fifteen years of NOFX that i’ve passed by unaware since i left them. The band compulsory if you were ever a twelve year old from the suburbs. Something to grow out of, remaining only for those who never found anything else. Lucky for NOFX, there will always be twelve year olds from the suburbs.

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