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Pinhead – Ramones

I always forget how slow the album version of this song is. Really slow. My mind is 10bp/m2 listening to it and it’s hard to slow down. But there’s something in this original pace that is lost as they continued to play faster and faster (that last live album isn’t that good, but the speed the songs, and this song in particular, are played at is phenomenal), and that is the on-the-beat punchiness of Joey’s singing. “No! More!” and “Go! For!” The ending “Gabba Gabba Hey!” actually swells and builds into something as well, rather than something hurtled into. It renders a completely different feel on the song. But still it sounds much too slow. If i were the pinhead in the aisles, sign in hand, i’d probably trip over my toes painfully waiting on edge for the moment to come out if this was version of Pinhead they were playing.

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I don’t wanna walk around with you – Ramones

I wanna be direct and assertive! 1-2-3-4! What i am about to say would not seem out of place in the most hyperbole-laden, myopic, image is everything, false-history feeding rock magazine, but the Ramones are probably this world’s most important band. To me, to level it, they could be the most important band for the sole reason that they taught me how to play guitar. They made sense of it. They gave it a pattern, a geometry, and by moving power chords in this pattern up and down the neck of the guitar, i could play anything.


1-5-6. 2-6 2-6 1-2. 1-2 5-6. It was a world opened up to me. Almost every song could be thought of in this way. One chord invariably (as long as the song fit a scale) moved to another one in the diagram. If it wasn’t one, move it to another until it sounds right. Minor chords, seventh chords, atonal chords, jazz and broadway chords could come later. If you’re young and learning guitar this is all you need to know. The rest can be picked up as you go along. Why pay for lessons? To fuel the subincome of some music store indweller, holding on to his (yup) music business and instrument manufacturer brochure-discriminate of music and how to act and be successful in it? No. Don’t do that.

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