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Sunday, May 26th:
Ordinary people do fucked up things when fucked up things become ordinary – Propagandhi

Monday, May 27th:
Why did i trust you? – The Garlands

Tuesday, May 28th:
Hoot – Girls’ Generation

Busy, busy, busy. Torn between three towns 100 kilometres apart and i’m an idiot. I don’t deserve anything good in life. And after class today i’m pretty sure i’m safe never to get that anything.

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Freedom – The Garlands

File under: Cover songs that are better than the original. Not that i’ve spent much time with the original, nor with any Wham! song, so i’m far from qualified making that judgement. But there is something great here. Something very great. Lone guitar and voice, that way Glo-Worm sometimes were (the obvious comparison would be their cover of Downtown); that way i’m completely deficient in immunity to. There are not many more lovelier sounds than the register the singer raises her voice to hold that last “Freeeeeeeedooooooom” of the chorus.

The Garlands were apparently (and expectedly, from here) a hit at last week or longer’s Indietracks Festival. I so wanted to go, but it’s no surprise how little effort and determination i put into that fulfilling that desire (hint: The same amount i put into everything). Reading and watching the slowly streaming reports of those who went and invariably had the best time leaves me only with regret. It’s something i am used to by now, but it’s not a regret i want to resign myself to. It’s on the other side of the world and i would not know anyone, yes, but there is no way i would not enjoy it. Maybe next year. No! I’ll work towards something for once! Definitely next year! Maybe i should try and play next year’s festival – tucked away under a tent early in the day. Then i’d have a reason to go. I have one year.

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