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Premiers frissons d’amour – Christine Roque

Such an incredible song. Her only hit, meaning one of two things: It is the only worthwhile thing she did and the record buying public were right with their career-crushing discrimination, or that fickle public doesn’t know what is good for it and let this amazing thing fade uncelebrated. Of course it could mean several other things: a saturated market, a too rapidly moving and dating pop scene, Christine herself being done with music, etc.

Whatever it is, this song being her only hit has consequently left it as the only mark history would have appear she made at all in music. One hit wonders. Where are the other Christine Roque songs? What do they sound like? To what degree are they less impressive than this sublime thing? I need them! When the drums come in… It’s perfect. It sends you, pulling you into her life, her heart, her disquiet, like some wonderful empathy test.

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