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Your New Boyfriend

Your new boyfriend – Rocketship

Perfect, from the bass intro to the vibrato organ entering and overbearing everything, to the backing oohs of the chorus, made with the most perfect of mouth forms and pushed through with the most perfect of effort and intent. Repetition of love, of relationship, showcased in a song just as repetitive and derivative of pop tradition. The same things done, the same things done perhaps better. Claiming originality, accusing a crime, appealing yours, is an act of futility. It is theirs now, made evermore perfect through your absence, lack of control, the distance from which you are left to begrudge. It exists. Not for you, but still it exists. Let it exist. So what if it’s been done before? So what if you did it first?

the bakery attack

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I love you like the way i used to do – Rocketship

Like with Break Down The Walls and a drum kit, hand me a guitar and i’ll automatically play the opening to this song. This, or Our Love Is Heavenly by Heavenly. Unlike the drums (or like the drums, but more so), i am so terrible at guitar that it is not so much a test pattern as it is playing something simple that sounds good. And it does sound good. So, so good. It may be my favourite opening to any album. A lone guitar, two chords, and the blissful wall of pop music that follows, with the organ always but never mixed too high.

This was the first Rocketship song i ever heard. It was long ago, i think via a long string of similar artists on Epitonic, that i happened to find an mp3 of it. The discovery and start of something wonderful.


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Friendships and Love

Friendships and love – Rocketship

To offer another example of the kind of closing song i was talking about yesterday. This might be the most heartbreaking and arresting of them all. These are the songs that you sit with long after they’ve played through. They are the last songs. You don’t reach for the next record, you don’t get up and move on to something else – it affects you, it keeps with you, turning still in your head with all compulsive reflection and you intractably aligned in heart and head with everything the song just gave you. The organ note at the end might as well be held forever.

landscape in the mist

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Let’s Go Away

Let’s go away – Rocketship

If i ever feel the need or am pressured enough into getting married, and could ever bear the exhibition, involvement and cost required for a traditional wedding, i would like this song as our wedding waltz. The ending part of the song does go on a little long, so even if i could bear being on that much display i doubt our guests would want to endure the 6 minutes of this song. The DJ can fade it out. That coda works great on the record, as it jumps into the next song, I’m Lost Without You Here, so invigoratingly and effectively. So if ever you find yourself at my wedding (which, if it happens, you will because everyone’s invited) and you’re wondering “hey, what’s that there song there that they be dancing to”, it is Let’s Go Away by Rocketship. I love weddings. I wish i had more to go to.

There is a girl about town who likes Rocketship. The only two people in the same town who like so much the same band should find each other and do something about it.

I Fidanzati

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